What is web hosting & how it works? (2020)

What is web hosting? Is just like what is a hard disk.

Why did I say that?

Because, definitely both things are similar to each other in terms of storage.

Only the difference is hard disk stores/hosts all the data in offline mode whether the web hosting lets you make it online.

I know you didn’t understand truly.

But don’t worry in this article I’m going to tell you the concept of web hosting in detail.

At the end of the article, you have understood what is web hosting.

So, let’s begin.

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What is meant by web hosting?

What is meant by web hosting?
What is meant by web hosting?

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Web hosting is the space provided by hosting companies like Namecheap for the storage of any website data on the internet by charging some amount of money.

When you have to build any website on the internet it requires space just like your files on mobile which is called hosting.

But wait!

What its benefits are?

Types of web hosting boost the website loading speed which reduces the bounce rate.

According to the technology used hosting is divided into different types, the main are shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud & reseller which also differ in pricing.

There is a section in the article where these hosting are explained in detail with their pricing & which hosting will be best for you if you’re a beginner who wants to start his/her blog.

So, you have understood what is web hosting.

If not then have a look at this video.

What is web hosting

Now, you may be wondering how it works & why do I need it.

Let’s understand.

How a web hosting works?

Web hosting providers allocate the space required for your website which means they are hosting your website on the internet.

When your website gets hosted which means your website data including your files, your work (articles, pages, etc.) will be saved on the internet.

Then your purpose of creating the website will get done.

Let’s understand step by step

When you host your website then it stores your data on a server which is available 24 hrs. online.

And then if any user types your website address in Google it will show your website on which your work is done.

This helps other people to access your website anytime for the purpose on which the website is based on.

Let’s say
You have a website where you help people on a particular topic like cooking, you’re teaching people how to cook & make various dishes then people who want to know how to cook they will search Google which lets your website to help them.

Like this it’s simple.

Working of web hosting depends on its type, the higher you pay higher your website gets the benefit.

Now, let’s move towards the next interesting topic.

Types of web hosting:

Types of web hosting
Types of web hosting

Web hosting is mainly divided into 5 types according to the technology used & the space provided.

You pay higher get higher.

So, let’s see.

These are the main 5 types of web hosting:

  1. Shared
  2. VPS
  3. Dedicated
  4. Cloud
  5. Reseller

Let’s understand one by one.

1. Shared:

Shared web hosting is the one in which all the websites in this plan are hosted on a single server.

It is good for the newly formed websites that have less traffic.

Newbie bloggers are recommended to use this type of hosting.

And when your website grows well with a good amount of traffic then you can shift your hosting to a better one.

Before buying shared hosting you should be careful & make sure that your hosting provider can offer services such as Namcheap’s business SSD hosting which is designed particularly for e-commerce websites.

Shared hosting is not suitable for those websites that have a lot of traffic.

These types of websites need a dedicated server to handle the traffic & maintain their website from slow loading.

The average pricing of the shared hosting is $1.58 - $6.99 least is the Namecheap & the higher price is the siteground.

If you are a newbies blogger or having a small business & want to start a blog & grow online then at starting you should go with Namecheap web hosting.

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Namecheap provides you to host 3 websites a single hosting which is so rare, that others offer you only one website in case of shared hosting.

Speed is just awesome, try it once.

Now, let’s see what is VPS hosting.

2. VPS:

Virtual private servers (VPS) hosting is the hosting in which you get full access to the server even though other websites are also hosted on it like the partition.

VPS is like the hosting between shared & dedicated but neither shared nor dedicated.

Medium businesses that will grow rapidly in the future & having enough cash can go with this hosting.

Traffic on the other websites do not effect your website as both are on the same server.

You will get the root access to the server & also you can customize it at a deep level
as you see pricing is too much higher than the shared web hosting.

But you require some technical server knowledge.

Let’s understand what is dedicated web hosting.

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3. Dedicated:

In dedicated web hosting you will get the full server to host your website.

Dedicated hosting is best for e-commerce type of websites.

It is fully customizable.

Pricing is at the high level starting from $724.88 for yearly plan.

It provides you the top-level performance as your website loads very quickly which increases the user experience.

Top level business which have great traffic on their websites use this web hosting.

You get amazing flexibility for your website so that you can grow your business very rapidly.

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4. Cloud:

Cloud hosting is becoming popular day by day.

This cloud web hosting operates across many interconnected web servers.

The pricing is higher than the shared and VPS hosting.

Cloud hosting is preferred by many large companies as they are shifting their hosting to it.

In cloud hosting you get unmetered, reliable bandwidth with an infinite amount of disk space in which you can host unlimited domains.

It’s highly effective for the websites to run with resource-intensive applications.

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5. Reseller:

Reseller hosting is a type of hosting in which resources like disk space, bandwidth, CPU, etc. are shared with others.

When the amount of space purchased isn’t required then you can share the resources with others & also they do.

On behalf of third parties, the account owner can use his allotted hard drive space with bandwidth to host a website.

Benefit of reseller hosting is you can add multiple domains.

Here you’re able to design your own hosting packages for your website.

Reseller hosting is good, you can try it.

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Difference between hosting & domain:

Difference between hosting & domain
Difference between hosting & domain

When you build a home you require space & your name board to recognize that home is yours.

Like that when you have to build a website domain is the name board of your website & hosting is the space on which you’re going to build website.

Domain name is like www.yoursite.com

For eg-. www.itechnoguide.com

Here’s the domain name is itechnoguide which is hosted on a web hosting.

That’s simple!

You have to purchase domain & hosting differently in some hosting providers.

While some provide you free domain with paid hosting like Namecheap.

And if you already have a domain you can migrate it to any hosting of your choice with some charges.

As like hosting you have to pay for your domain annually to put your ownership.


Now, I think you have understood what is web hosting & how it works.

Before purchasing it you should have to be aware of some things like the features they are providing & the pricing which is given in detail at Namecheap.

Choose hosting & domain according to your niche & your expertise in web designing.

PS: If you’re new to web designing then feel free to contact us we will build a brand new website for you.

Recommended web hosting & domain name provider is Namecheap.

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