How to Start a Free Blog in India & Earn Money in 2020

Want to know how to start a free blog in India & earn money 2020 that will generate a passive income for you every month?

YES, it is possible. 

You don’t need money in your pocket to start a blog which can generate money for you.

You can become a successful blogger in less time only if you are passionate about blogging. 

So let’s get started.

Here’s a full step-by-step guide to your question. 

Step-1: Choose your Niche 

Step-2: Pick a Perfect Domain Name

Step-3: Get a Platform for blogging

Step-4: Start writing Blog Posts

Step-5: Share Blog Posts on Social Media 

Step-6: Add your website to Google Search Console 

Step-7: Add your Website to Google Adsense

Now, your wallet will start gaining weight by the cash. 


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Step #1: Choose your Niche 

Niche is a topic that you are interested to write a blog. 

Choosing the right topic for your blog is a very important task. 

If you choose the wrong topic then it will ruin your entire blog. 

How to choose a niche?

Follow these points to get a perfect niche for your blog.

Method-1: Ask these questions to yourself 

1. “Can I write on this topic even if I didn’t get the money?”
2. “Do I have enough knowledge to teach someone on this topic?”
3. Does this topic have enough search volume on Google? And how much is the competition?
4. How is the trend on this topic is going? ( check this on Google trends)

Method-2: Take a pen and copy to write 

1. Write down 5 topics on a page that you are interested in.
2. Choose the topics that you have the knowledge and you are interested to talk for a long time.

3. Check the potential size of that topic means you have to check how much is the searches that topic get per month (check on Ubbersuggest).

4. Choose the topic that is high in search volume and low in competition.
Now you got your topic right? 

If not then go to Wikipedia and search “Lists of interests”  Where you will find all the interests that someone will have. Check the list and choose one niche. 

Step #2: Pick a Perfect Domain Name

A domain name is the one which represents your website in the URL bar with extension .com .in etc.

For example-

The domain names are available for a price that you have to pay.

But here in this case as you are a beginner you can work with the subdomain that a company provides to you absolutely for free.

For example-

Follow the steps to get you subdomain of your choice: 

#1: Go to which is a free blogging platform created by Google for new bloggers.
#2: Create your account on blogger.
#3: Setup your profile by filling some information.
#4: After that choose your subdomain.
#5: Now you have chosen your free domain name.

Step #3: Get a Platform for blogging 

This platform is a space or hosting provided for your blog where you can store all your data I.e. posts and images.

Hosting is provided for a certain amount of money but don’t worry it will be free for you. 

The more amount of space you have the more is your website’s speed will be. 
And this will help to rank on Google’s first page.

But if you are serious about blogging & make a big amount then you should go with at least a cheap web hosting which I recommend to you is namecheap, where you will get a free domain with a web hosting of good quality at a very cheap price.

The free hosting is mainly provided by two companies

1. WordPress 

2. Blogger

Best free hosting provider
Start a Free Blog in India

You have to pay for the WordPress hosting which is good for your blog and increases your website speed. 

But no worry, you can use blogger as a hosting platform which is for free & as it is a google product it also provides a good speed to your new website. 

But again if you want to rank your website fast you have to buy a custom namecheap domain only at 0.99 dollars which will be very beneficial for you & google AdSense approval.

As you have already created your blogger account you don’t need to do anything else to get the server. 

It will automatically be saved on the blogger’s server space. 
So now you got your web hosting for free. 

Step #4: Start writing Blog Posts

Now here is the main job comes to start your free blog in India and write your first blog post. 

Writing a perfect blog post is a stepwise process, you cannot write an article without these following steps

Steps to write a perfect article: 

#1: Do keyword research 

#2: Find your competitors 

#3: Write the structured blog post

 Now starting from the first step 

#1: Do Keyword research 

Keyword research is an essential part of your blog post. 

Then you will have a question that how to do keyword research? 

There are many paid tools like Ahref, Semrush to do research for your keywords.

But as you are here to start your blog only for free with have free tools also like Ubbersuggest

Ubbersuggest is a free tool by neil patel where you can search the keywords and it will show you the search volume, difficulty level, CPC (Cost per Click), and so on. 

So first, you have to go to Ubbersuggest.

And select the country and type your keyword related to your niche 

For example- Your niche: Blogging 

Then type the keyword like – “how to start a free blog in India”

And press search button.

Now you will see all the information about that keyword. 

You will find related keywords of the sun keyword.

Now choose the keyword that is high in search volume and low in competition. 

Once you have chosen your Primary & Secondary keywords copy that and paste on the notepad. 

Now, You have got your keywords to write.

#2: Find your Competitors

You cannot write a post only by picking the right keywords you have to find your competitors and study what they are doing. 

Go to Google and write your picked keyword in the search engine and click on search.

 Then you will find all the websites that rank on your keyword. 

Then open top 10 websites one by one and read their articles and look at what they have written in their articles and how many words the article is. 

If your competitor’s article is of 1000 words then you should write in 1500 – 2000 words, go deep into the article that you are writing about and make it possible.

 After this, you have to write the content that gives both quality and quantity and also consider the intent of your user for that content.

Does the user’s intent is to take knowledge or wants to do the purchase of something?
Now the third step is to write structured quality content.

#3: Write a Structured blog post 

Now, Start writing your first blog post in a well-structured manner.

How to Start a Free Blog in India & Earn Money
How to Start a Free Blog in India & Earn Money

Some Important Tips:

a} Write a Cauchy title :      

Your article should have a Cauchy and attractive title so it will increase the percentage of getting clicks on your article.

b}. Write an impressive meta description :      

User will click on your blog after reading your description so you should have an impressive meta description that will fulfil the user’s intent to land on your blog.

 To simplify the writing divide your Article into 3 simple forms: 

#1: Introduction#

#2: Body

#3: Conclusion

And end up with a question.

You should write an overview of the article in the intro and convince the user to read the whole post.

You should always write the article considering the intent of the user that why he had landed on your post instead of going anywhere else.

The first paragraph should contain your Primary keyword naturally do not spam it.

Then start the body section, in which the main content is to be provided.

The body section should contain the secondary words that you have selected in keyword research before.

At last, you have to write a conclusion for your article.

Again in the conclusion section, you have to add the primary keyword naturally.

At last, end the article with a question to increase the engagement on your blog post.

So now, your blog post is completed. Now publish your first post.

Note: Write the blog posts at regular intervals and publish.

Step #5: Share your blog post on social media

At the beginning of your blogging journey you cannot just write and rank on Google you have to share your article in certain places where you will solve the people’s problems.

You can share your articles on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and also on Quora & Pinterest which are the best platforms for bloggers to share articles.

Share Your Blog on Social Media
Share Your Blog on Social Media

You can create accounts on all these above-mentioned platforms for your website and start sharing your content on these platforms which will drive traffic to your post.

But don’t spam your links to those platforms as it is considered to be not good.

Step #6: Add your website to Google Search Console.

Now here comes the crucial step that is to submit your website to Google.

It is an essential part because if you don’t submit your site to Google then it will be difficult for Google to crawl your site and rank on the search engine.

Once you submit your site on google search console then the google’s crawler read your website and index in its server.

So let’s get started how to submit website to google search console.

Follow these steps to add your website to Google:-

1. First, click & go on this link: Google Search Console

2. Then, you will see a Start Now button, click on it.

3. After this, you will have to enter your Email Address or Phone Number & then put your password.

4. After adding your email or phone you will see a screen like this.

Add Your Website in Google Search Console
Add Your Website in Google Search Console

5. As you can see 2 method to add your website. I will suggest & prefer to go with second method, which is “URL Prefix” method.

6. Now you have to put the url of your website in the given box. For example:

7. After clicking on continue button, a pop up window “Verify Ownership” will appear, where you have to verify your website.

8. You will see 4-5 method to verify your website, and the best one is HTML Tag verification method.

9. Click on the downward arrow “⌄” and then you will get a code which you have to put in the head section of your website, so first copy that code.

Verify Your Ownership to Google Search Console
Verify Your Ownership to Google Search Console

10. Now open your blog that you were created in blogger.

11. Click on the theme.

12. Ahead the customize button there you will find a downward arrow, click on it and then click on the Edit HTML option.

13. There you will see some html codes, on the 4 number line you will see a <head> tag.

14. Click after the head tag and there press enter.

15. Now paste the code that you copied from Google search console & then click save button (which you can see on the right corner).

16. Come again to the google search console and then click on the “Verify” button down to the html tag box.

Now your website is verified.

Now it’s time for earning money.

So, to earn money from blogging you have to add your website to Google adsense. 

Step#7: Add website to Google adsense:

Google AdSense is a platform where any influencer or anyone who have an audience can earn money by showing advertisements on their platform.

In your case you have a website to show ads. 

But first you have to add your website to Google AdSense.

You should add your website to Google adsense only when your website is getting enough organic monthly traffic i.e. when your publish 15-20 posts.

So, now follow the steps to add your site.

Step#1: Go to Google adsense website.

Step#2: Now you will see the interface like this

Add website to Google adsense
Add website to Google adsense

Step#3: Click on the sign up button.

Step#4: Here you have to fill this form correctly.

Add website to Google adsense
Google AdSense Form

Step#5: Finish your website has been added to the Google AdSense.

But here is a trick you can only show ads on your website only after AdSense will approve your site.

So, now you have to send your site for approval.

To do so you have to go to your blogspot dashboard there you will see earnings in the left side click on it.

Then you will see the option to connect AdSense click on it then your site will go under review.

Now your site will be reviewed by Google AdSense & when your website Complete all criteria for showing adds then it will get approved.

Finish now your site has been monetized.
This process requires minimum time of 24 hrs. to maximum cannot be said.

To make your post more interesting and informative you will also need to add images in your post. Therefore, here we suggest you the Best Photo Editing App for Android. Read this article too.

So friends, that’s it for today. I hope you guys like our article and also it helps you to solve your problem. If you like it, share it with your friend and also subscribe us for more articles.

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