How To Increase Laptop Speed Instantly In 8 Simple Ways?

Is your laptop running slow? And want to fix this issue by understanding how to increase laptop speed with the help of simple & workable methods?

Then you have come to the right place.

To solve the slow speed issue on your laptop you need to first understand why a laptop loses its speed & performance after a couple of years or months?

There are 3 main reasons due to which laptop speed decreases:

  1. The load of your work.
  2. The reduced space by the data.
  3. RAM consuming background resources.

These problems occur as the time passes & your laptop becomes old.

So, considering these 3 main reasons we have come up with some simple ways to resolve your slow laptop and make it faster.

In this article, you are going to know how to increase speed in laptop & also how to increase laptop speed windows 10 in just simple steps.

These 8 simple ways will help you to speed up your laptop and make its performance even better in a long run.

In this article, you are going to know how to increase speed in laptop & also how to increase laptop speed in windows 10 & MacBook in just simple steps.

These 8 simple ways will help you to speed up your laptop and make its performance even better in a long run.

Here’s the 8 simple ways will help you to make your laptop faster than now.

  1. Disable startup programs
  2. Delete Rarely used apps & data
  3. Use of ReadyBoost 
  4. Shift to an SSD
  5. Upgrade RAM
  6. Reinstall your OS
  7. Remove viruses
  8. Clear Internet cache

How To Increase Laptop Speed Windows 10? (Also for MacBook users)

Using windows 10? Then this article is going to help you out to boost laptop speed & maintain it’s performance.

‘Cause I have written these ways after experimenting them for my old laptop having windows 10 & they all have worked well.

Not only these tricks helped me to speed up the laptop but also improve the performance of the laptop.

8 Simple Ways To Increase Laptop Speed & Performance

1. Disable startup programs

Disabling startup programs is an easy way to increase laptop speed & performance.

But what does it mean?

It’s a simple task to stop programs from running at startup on your laptop.

When you switch on your laptop so many programs automatically open & then start to run.

This functioning of programs in the background drain CPU usage and make your laptop slow day by day.

Now, you may have a question that ‘Is it ok to disable all startup programs’?

Yes, it’s ok to disable all startup programs because the main objective of start-up programs is to give you the best service they can give by running constantly in the background.

Now you will see how you can disable startup programs in Windows 10?

How to disable startup programs in Windows 10?

If your laptop is running numerous programs at startup then disabling startup programs is a quick & easy way to boost laptop speed in windows 10.

how to increase laptop speed

To stop programs from running at startup in Windows 10 use this step-by-step guide:

1: First open your task manager by tapping keyboard buttons CTRL+ALT+DEL

2Now Click on Settings

3: Then clicking on Apps

4: And click on the Startup tab

Here you will see a list of programs that open on startup of laptop.

There you can disable the programs that are unnecessary for you.

You should decide which are necessary and unnecessary programs by sorting them with their name & status or with impact level.

Can’t disable startup programs windows 10?

Then use –

Alternative method:

#1- Right-click on the start button in your laptop.

#2- Then select the task manager.

#3- At last click on startup. 

Then follow the above steps to disable startup programs.

How to disable startup programs in MacBook?

Are you a MacBook owner?

No worry!

You can also use the disabling startup programs method as like windows 10 mentioned above.

But the steps are different for your mac OS

MacBook is known for its high-quality standard, but in the end, it’s a device and it can become slow after some decade.

Follow the steps to disable startup programs in MacBook. (specifically for Catalina 10.15)

1: First you have to click on the Apple menu icon.

2: Then move to Systems Preferences.

3: Then go to Users and Groups.

4: Next, select your user account for the operating system and click on Login Items.

Then you will see a list of all the running programs at the starting of the laptop.

There you will also find the tasks that you can execute:

1. Add a Login Item

2. Remove a Login Item

3. Hide a Login Item

Here’s the bonus tip to improve your laptop performance

Bonus tip: Select the programs that you want to stop from running at startup after clicking on the program, then on the minus symbol (-) which is on the center bottom of the window.

2. Delete rarely used apps & data

Delete the apps & data which is not important to you.

This data consumes all your hard disk storage and make your laptop slower day by day.

So, you need to clean the storage space & only save the necessary data that is important to you which will also improve your laptop’s performance.

This data may include games, movies, other unused temporary files also you can clear the cache and cookies with some temporary files.

How to delete rarely used apps & data in windows 10?

how to improve laptop performance

Now to delete rarely used apps & data in windows 10 follow the steps:

1: Click on the start button in your windows 10.

2: Then move the cursor and click on the settings icon.

3: Now in setting tab click on the apps located on the right-hand side list.

4: Here you have to click on the apps & features option.

Now this will show you a list of all the programs that present in your laptop.

There is an alternate method to arrange each program list by their drive location.

To do so, click on the item by highlighting it and then click on the uninstall button.

The app is then deleted from your windows 10.

How to delete rarely used apps & data in MacBook?

Cleaning your MacBook with unused or rarely used data & programs is much easier.

Follow the steps given below to remove unnecessary apps from your MacBook.

Step 1: Simply right-click on any app.

Step 2: Select “Move To Trash” form the list of options.

Then your apps will be moved to trash further you should empty the trash.

Sometimes the system may ask you for the username and password to continue the uninstall process.

Now to confirm that all the folders associated with the programs have been uninstalled you can drag the programs into a third-party application named AppDelete.

AppDelete is an application which presents all folders associated with that program while providing the option to remove individual folders within the application itself.

This is helpful since some of the folders may not get removed while uninstalling the program.

3. Use of ReadyBoost

ReadyBoost is a small feature first introduced by Microsoft as a part of windows vista.

Readyboost increases your system’s memory by using the flash drive as an additional capacity.

It’s not that much effective as swapping hard drive to a solid-state drive or like adding extra RAM.

But it gives a somewhat boost to your low-powered laptop system. (If you use a low-powered laptop)You should use ready boost only when your laptop is having less RAM to take its benefit.

Otherwise, it will not be useful to you.

how to boost laptop performance

For the things like caching, assisting mostly-used apps to open and increasing random read access speed of your hard disk it puts aside a part of flash drive memory.

Now, how you can use ReadyBoost to increase laptop memory?

Take a USB memory drive and insert into an empty USB slot of your laptop.

Now a dialogue box will open which asks you – 

What do you want to do with the flash drive?

Then choose the option ‘Speed up my system using window ReadyBoost’.

After that next window will open where you can select how much of the flash drive you wish to give for boosting.

Like this way, you can use as much of the drive as possible. 

Once it’s done, click on the confirm then the window will get closed.

Whenever the drive is inserted it will automatically be detected and used.

4. Shift to SSD

SSD is a storage device just like your hard disk. Only the difference is that a hard disk is a mechanical device that consists of a mechanical shaft that rotates while running.

But SSD is like an upgraded version of the hard disk which does not contain a shaft, so it is much faster than hard disk.

how to improve gaming performance on laptop

Undoubtedly, you can shift to a new SSD to make your laptop faster. Now to install an SSD read this guide.

SSD’s are somewhat expensive than a hard disk but as it provides good quality to your laptop & you can buy it from Amazon for extra discounts.

5. Upgrade RAM

RAM or a Random Access Memory is memory storage that allows a laptop to run games and apps of large file size. The more RAM your laptop has the more it will be faster.

how to improve laptop performance windows 10

The standard amount of RAM that your laptop should have is minimum of 8GB, which is sufficient for your laptop to work normally.

Nowadays, new laptops that are getting manufactured contains RAM which is coupled with the laptop’s motherboard which means you cannot upgrade your RAM further.

To upgrade the RAM read this guide.

6. Reinstall your OS

No doubt that reinstalling your laptop’s operating system can increase your laptop speed.

Reinstall OS means to fully reset your laptop which will delete all the data from your laptop that you should be aware of. Only the essential files will remain.

how to increase speed of laptop windows 10

But for safety, you should store your data in any storage device like Pen Drive, or a hard disk which is available at Amazon at a very low price. If you don’t have one then you can buy it from Amazon for the best quality at a low price.

You can reinstall OS by clicking on Recovery which is available in the update and security of the settings tab.

And for MacBook users, you need to restart your laptop and hold down the command +R, which will open the recovery window for Mac, from here reinstall your OS.

7. Remove viruses

Removing viruses is a crucial step to improve your laptop performance and safety.

Even after you do all the above steps if you have a virus on your laptop is you cannot increase your laptop speed.

Viruses enter your computer system with malicious programs or an email attachment and also by downloads.

1 of the viruses named is Malware which is very harmful to your system you need to fix it.

Fortunately, you can easily remove them from your pc.

how to improve laptop speed

There are lots of paid security software in the market like quick heal, net protector but we have found one free & safe security suite you should use it.

This free security suite will protect your computer system from various malicious attacks & can setup recurring scans that will help your system from web attacks & threats.

8. Clear internet cache

Like other large files and programs that consume your laptop’s storage, there is hidden data that also ruin your laptop’s performance.

That is your browser’s internet cache. You should remove the Internet cache on a regular basis.

how to speed up your laptop windows 10

To clear cache simply you can go to your browser and search for the setting tab there you will find clear history, clear data, clear cache, then clear all these three.

Once it’s done your laptop performance will increase in some amount making your laptop faster. 

But going to the browser finding setting tab then searching for clear data takes some time, here’s the way to do this in a click or two of a button.

Using Apple browser, all you have to do is:

  1. Click on the preferences
  2. Then click on the Privacy Tab

Once you are on the privacy tab you will see 3 options:-

  • Preventing Trackers From Using Cookies and Website Data to Track You
  • Always Block Cookies
  • Remove Stored Cookies and Data

Choose the option that is suitable for you. This way you can clear your internet cache & junk.

Bottom Line:

These are some simple tricks that will help you to know how to increase laptop speed instantly.

You should implement these tricks on a regular basis to retain your laptop speed and performance in a long term.

Any device has it’s expiry so you should decide how long you can retain your laptop by using these tricks. So, stay calm and enjoy the improved speed of your laptop.

PS: If you have any doubt you are free to ask us in the comment section, we are always here to help you out from any quarry related to technology.

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