6 Ways To Increase Followers On Instagram Organically

As we know that today everyone wants millions of followers on their Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account. Everyone wants more and more people to know them. But it is not very easy, not impossible. So today we are going to tell you how to increase followers on Instagram.

If you follow these tips properly then at least you can get good amount followers. I know that all of you wanted to know the right and real ways to increase your Instagram followers.

So guys, if you are a socially active person and are trying a lot to increase your audience but nothing is happening then you don’t need to worry because now we are going to solve your problem. And I hope you are very interested to know about it.

Well, we will try to tell you the best to make it possible. And friends, after getting a good number of followers, you will not only be famous but you will also get these following things.

  • Traffic

Your followers will also help you to increase your website or blog traffic. The best way to convert your followers into traffic is by putting the website link in your profile. But to get more traffic you have to try a little bit hard. Because Instagram gives you a “Swipe Up” option by which users can easily visit your website.

how to increase followers on Instagram

So to get this swipe up option you have to reach 10,000 followers and then your traffic will increase more and more. This traffic you can use to increase your website ranking, YouTube channel subscribers and many more.

  • Backlinks

As we know that backlinks play an important role in the ranking of any website, therefore it will also help you generate do-follow and quality backlinks. You can create these backlinks for your blog and website. So that you can easily rank.

  • Money

After achieving a good amount of followers you can earn money with different ways, and one of the most popular ways is getting sponsorship.

For which you have to gain a big amount of followers. But believe me if you work hard, you surely can get that number. And then many doors will open for you to earn a lot.

So these are the few things which you can from Instagram following. Now let’s know how we can make this possible?

6 Ways To Increase Followers On Instagram

1. Set a Target

To increase your following first of all you have to decide a target. Means how much you want to increase your Instagram followers. The more you want more you have to work hard on it, especially in earlier days.

So friends, I hope you have decided it. Now I am going to explain to you some points below by following them, you can reach your target.

2. Create a Profile/Page

To increase your followers, first of all, you have to make a genuine page/profile. This means that the name of your page/profile should be proper, the username should also be recognizable, also write an attractive bio and if you have any website, you can also mention it in your profile.

how to increase real Instagram followers free

Simply, I just want to say that your whole profile must be genuine and attractive. Because attractive things  create value in people’s minds. Therefore, we have recommended it first.

3. Select a Niche/Topic

To attract more people you will need useful and unique content that will be uploaded on your page/profile. This depends on your niche. If you select such a topic to which you like the most and are interested to share knowledge about, then it would be easier for you to gain Instagram followers.

If you upload content related to a particular niche then more people will follow you as they see clarity and value in your content. So now select the best niche for your page.

You can decide a niche, such as:- you can upload jokes, poetry, quotes, images or whatever you want. So now it depends on you what will be the topic of your page. After creating a profile, you have to upload content on a daily basis.

You can edit and use free images to create content for your page. You can also upload images from the internet. But rather than uploading other’s images if you make your own quotes/jokes/poetry images and upload that, then it will be more beneficial for you.

4. SEO of the Post

  • Add Tags

Now the main work starts from here. In simple terms, we can say that you have to do SEO of your content/images. So firstly choose a photo that you want to upload on your page.

After selecting an image, tag some pages/people on your image those who already have a big following on Instagram, but remember their page/profile should also have the same niche or relevant to yours, so that your image will also appear in their feed and more people will reach to your profile.

As much as your content will be attractive, more people will like it and follow you. You can also put the tagged pages in a corner, as our main motive is just to get our post on their feed.

how to get 100 followers on Instagram
  • Add Hashtags

After tagging, now you have to add some #tags, that will appear at the bottom of the post. Add only those #Tags that are related to your niche and image. Apart from this, also add the pages that you have tagged in the photo and not to forget to add your page. Because by clicking on the username of your page people can directly reach your profile.

And if you want then you can also enable the “Also post on Facebook” button so then you will not need to post separately. Try to post at least 3 to 4 times in a day if you really want to gain Instagram followers fast. So, these are the main things that you have to follow regularly.

5. Follow Verified Profile

Apart from this, you have to do another thing which can really increase your followers fast, is to search the pages and profile that are related to your page.

Click on their profile and follow at least 50-100 profiles in a day, and after some days you can Unfollow them, and start following new profiles, so there will be more chances that you reach more people and grow fast.

Because on verified accounts you can see followers in millions, so to reach there followers you have to follow them. Repeat this trick regularly. These are the initial steps to achieve this target.

Once you get a decent amount of followers then you can stop practicing this trick. Keep in mind, in starting you have to work hard and in a better way. And just focus on giving valuable content to the users on a daily basis.

6. Consistency

Before start to achieve your goal first you have to keep in mind that you will regularly upload content on your page because consistency is the main key to get success in anything. For example – If you want to build your muscles for which you have to exercise on a daily basis but if you don’t do exercise regularly or do it irregularly then it takes more and more time to build your muscles. That’s why you should always be consistent towards your goals.

So, friends, these are the best and easy ways by following them you can get real followers. Never expect that you can achieve your target in just a few days, to reach your goal you at least have to wait for some months. Means after starting this work you have to keep patience a lot and work continuously.

This is not a game of one day or overnight. It mainly depends on your hard work. If you will try hard and regularly upload unique content then you will be able to grow your Instagram followers fast. But you never need to give up.

That’s all for today I hope you guys like this article and get help from this.

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