How To Increase Facebook Page Likes And Followers Free 2021

If you are here to know how to increase Facebook Page likes free, you are in the right place. In this article I’m going to tell you how to increase Facebook page likes free. It works incredibly and I will explain everything step-by-step.

As we know, today the world knows only those who are able to show themselves better. Remember this line, it’s going to help you a lot today.

I think you are very excited to know how to increase Facebook page likes without spending money.

So without wasting any minute let’s start this.

No matter if you have a Facebook Business Page or any other but before creating your page and start promoting it you have to decide whether you want it for a few months or you want it for a long term.

Because if you believe in shortcuts and quick results, then you can’t correlate our article that much.

8 Tips to Increase Facebook Page Likes and Followers Free

1. Post Consistently on the Page

There are a lot of people who create their page and just after uploading a very little amount of content, they start promoting it.

But literally, this can’t attract anyone to like or follow your page. Because without content no website, no channel or page can drive traffic.

As you may have heard many times “Content is the king”. If you can understand this thing you can gain a good number of followers.

You have to make a schedule for posting images, videos, etc. Try to post at least once or twice every day. So after a couple of months there will be enough content on your Facebook page, and then more people will be attracted to it.

Keep uploading your content consistently on your page. In starting you will not get much traffic but your consistency can really make this possible.

How to Increase Facebook Page Likes and Followers Free
How to Increase Facebook Page Likes and Followers Free

2. Don’t Compromise on Content

One of the most common mistakes that a page owner makes is not to upload content that attracts people.

While I am asking you to put content on your page every day so it is not just about adding content of any type.

In order to engage your audience, first, you have to understand their needs and interests so that you can create content that really helps them.

Maybe now you are wondering how you will attract the attention of your audience. 

Creating content that attracts more users is not a big task, just you need to do some research and apply it to your content, then people will start liking your content.

So for this, I would like to suggest you research your competitor’s page and find out what kind of content they are uploading. You don’t need to copy their contents, but of course, you can take an idea from it.

3. Invite Your Facebook Friends

If you are using Facebook, then obviously, you will also have a lot of friends there. But as there is a limit of making 5000 friends on Facebook, we can’t cross it.

So if you don’t have a good number of friends there, then first you should make more friends on Facebook.

After this step, you can send an invite to all your Facebook friends, ask them to follow it. Not everyone will accept your request but many will accept it.

After sending invitation to all your friends, you can unfriend some of them and make new friends. So that you can also sent an invitation to them.

Try this trick for at least once, it can really help you to gain a lot of followers.

4. Join More Facebook Groups

There is a vast community joined in Facebook groups. Millions of groups are available on Facebook and in every group thousands and millions of people joined together.

Your smart work can help you to reach a large audience through Facebook groups.

So first of all, join some Facebook groups with your interest and related to your page.

You don’t need to join hundreds of groups just in a day.

You should join only 10-15 groups daily, and in every group there must be more and more people.

If you ask me for a number, I will suggest you join only those groups in which you find at least 100K or more people.

Note: Join only less than 100 groups, otherwise it will seems like spam to Facebook

After this, you should also share some posts in groups and then you can also promote your page there.

If you want to promote your page Facebook groups by sharing links of your page then don’t share it more than once or twice in a week.

Otherwise, the group admin can block your post or either remove you from the group.

5. Share on Other Social Account

Apart from Facebook, you will also have accounts on the rest of the social app. Such as Instagram, Twitter, also WhatsApp etc. If you don’t have an account on these websites, you must create one.

So here you can take an advantage from your other social handles. You just need to share your Facebook page to get liked by people.

How to Grow Facebook Page Free
How to Grow Facebook Page Free

And while sharing it on WhatsApp, you can ask your friends to follow and give a like to your page.

In simple words, I am just asking you to link all your social accounts with your Facebook page. So more people will reach there and if they find something interesting in your page, they will surely give a thumb to it.

Even if you don’t have many friends and followers on WhatsApp and Instagram, you shouldn’t stop promoting it.

Although it can’t help you to generate thousands of likes on your Facebook page. But, it can still be beneficial for you to give an initial push to your page.

6. Create Your Page Like a Brand

People recognise a brand easily and also remember it for a long time.

Some brands established a value in their particular field. Such as if I ask you the top E-Commerce brand, so I think the first name that comes to your mind will be Amazon.

It takes a lot of time and efforts to establish value such as these brands.

But here I don’t mean to you to compete with them. It is just an example to explain to you.

From the beginning, means after creating your Facebook page, you should always keep in mind that your aim is to make this page like a brand.

If you work with such a mindset, you will definitely grow.

You must keep your page clear and clean, it should not seem like you are spamming or just promoting your links.

Keep only valuable and informative content on your page, the content which can really help people.

How to Gain Facebook Page Likes
How to Gain Facebook Page Likes

7. Cross Posting with Related Page

As we know Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms. Therefore, you can find thousands of pages related to your niche that have millions of likes.

So here by making some easy efforts you can add a big number in your Facebook page followers and likes.

Find some pages related to your niche, pages which also upload content as you do.

Then message them personally and try to connect with them. And ask them to promote your page on their page. Also, you have to promote their page.

If they agree, it will be good news for you.

Suggestion: If you try to find those pages that have the same or approximate followers as you, it will be easier for you to convince them.

8. Answer Your Audience’s Queries

Following this tip, you can build more trust with your audience. Even if very few people are following your Facebook page, you should solve their problems and keep them with you.

So whenever people put their questions in your page comment section or contact you in other ways, always try to answer them.

But if you do not have enough time to even answer some of them, I would recommend you to use Quora.

Quora is one of the best platforms to find the right audience. And here you do not need to publish high-quality content to get the attention of the audience.

Even by investing a few minutes here, you can get thousands of views. You just need to find the questions related to your niche, then answer one or two of them in the best way.

After completing your answer, you can add your Facebook page link in the last. Also, try to avoid adding your page link after every answer you publish on Quora. 

Bonus Tip:-

Apply all these Ways to increase your Facebook page followers and likes. Undoubtedly, to gain a large amount of followers, you have to work hard and need to keep patience because it will take time. But once you make this possible, you can use that traffic in different ways. Such as to increase website traffic or promote affiliate programs.

So without wasting your time, start doing this today.

So friends, that’s it for today. I hope you guys like this post. Also it helps you to solve your problem. If you like it please share it with Facebook friends.

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