How To Grow YouTube Channel Fast In 2021

The interest and passion of creating videos, and uploading it on social media is on the boom. In the last few years millions of people have joined the internet and also the content creators are rising with the time.

And as we know the most popular platform for video content is YouTube. With a high increase in the number of people who watch YouTube videos, content creators are also rising.

So friends, if you’re one of them who likes to create videos, and by uploading them on YouTube, you want to grow your channel to reach more people and earn money, then you are in the right place.

Because today we are going to tell you how to grow YouTube channel fast and also some steps that you need to follow to grow your YouTube channel.

First of all, I want to tell you that it doesn’t matter which type of content or videos you are creating, if you are interested in it you can really grow fast on YouTube. Perhaps you like to make videos from one of the following topic:-

  • Entertainment
  • Gaming
  • Information
  • Education
  • Knowledge
  • Motivation

Or many more, it doesn’t matter much. So only make videos on those topics which you know better and like to create videos on them.

If you already have a YouTube channel or planning to create one so it’s great. Now I am going to tell you YouTube Tips for Beginners and how you can grow your YouTube channel fast in 2021.

how to grow a youtube channel fast

10 Ways To Grow Your YouTube Channel Fast

1. Choose a Proper Niche:-

Before uploading any videos first you have to decide on which particular topic you will upload videos.

Basically, here I am talking about the niche or content that will be uploaded on your channel. You can’t just create a channel and start uploading videos on any topic.

Doing so, you might get some views on your videos but can’t gain subscribers. Because people subscribe to those channels which have a clarity in their content.

Let’s take an example of you:- If you watch a video of a YouTube channel that you don’t know before, and after checking out some content of that YouTube channel, you find that they upload videos on multiple niches. So would you really like to subscribe to that channel. I think no, because you don’t know what exact information they want to give us.

I hope you understood my point and now you will choose your niche wisely.

2. Create Enjoyable & Helpful Content

A lot of creators are trying hard to grow their channel and perhaps you very well know about the competition on YouTube.

Maybe the topic on which you are going to make your video has already had thousands of videos on YouTube.

But this does not mean that you can’t make videos on that topic. This is to say that the video you make and what you tell in it should be different and better than others.

Create a strong reason why people should watch your video. Make such videos which people really enjoy.

Along with creating an enjoyable video, you also have to focus on creating helpful videos, videos which can genuinely solve your viewers problem and get the information what they are looking for.

So make sure your content should create value in people’s mind.

3. Provide Best Video & Audio Quality:-

In this competitive era of YouTube, you have to create much better content than other YouTubers. Before quantity, you should focus on making and improving the quality of your videos.

In this modern age, people have many options. There is also no lack of choice on Youtube. If people find better content than you, then surely they will move there.

In a YouTube video, the quality of audio and video matters a lot. You can easily create a good quality video with your smartphone. But to give better audio quality you will need a mic, and then you have to record clear audio.

Your speaking speed should also be perfect, neither be so fast that people do not understand what you are saying and neither be so slow that people get bored with the video and leave it.

Here are the best editing tools you can use to edit your YouTube videos ( Recommended )

11 Free & Best Video Editing Apps

4. Create Attractive Thumbnails

Thumbnail is one of the most important factors of making a video viral. Most videos which go viral don’t always have good content in them, but their thumbnails make them viral.

If you can be an expert of creating the most attractive thumbnails, you can boost your views as well as subscribers.

how to grow your youtube gaming channel

But the thumbnail must be related to your video. Put only those things in the thumbnail that information your video consists of.

If you create fake thumbnails to get views. So perhaps, you can get some views but this practice will not help you to grow your channel rather it will push your channel deep.

And whoever will come on your channel by clicking on the fake thumbnail, they will dislike your videos and will not watch your video again.

5. Apply SEO In Your Videos:-

By the way, your content is enough to grow on YouTube but if you want to grow fast then you will have to make extra effort in SEO.

Identify those keywords which people search more. The main keyword should be in your title and you should also search relevant keywords which you can add in the tag section.

Also give a minimum 100-200 words description. If you do affiliate, you can put your affiliate links in the description of your YouTube video.

6. Share Your Videos Everywhere:-

Soon after uploading your video on YouTube, you must share your video wherever you can share it. Try to share it on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram more and more.

First share your video to your friends on WhatsApp and ask them to share it further. This trick can help you to grow your YouTube channel in the starting days.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms. You can reach more people by using it. You can either share your full video on Facebook or can share a clip of that video and provide a YouTube video link to watch the complete video.

Same as you can share a short clip of your video on Instagram and put your YouTube channel link in the bio of your profile.

Perhaps, this doesn’t work in earlier days, but if you continuously share your video it will surely help you to grow.

7. Embed Videos In Your Website:-

Along with a YouTube channel if you also run a website, it can help you to grow your website and YouTube channel both.

how to start and grow a youtube channel
How to promote youtube channel

Just embed the YouTube video in your website’s post. And insert your article link in the description of the video.

If you don’t have any website, you should ask your friend or any other YouTuber who owns such a niche website.

8. Upload Videos With Schedule

Most of the YouTubers make this mistake and remain unsuccessful in growing their YouTube channel. That mistake is their uncertainty. For example, if you post 2 videos in a week or 4 videos in a month but not post them with an equal gaping.

Means one video you uploaded today, another one you upload after 2 days and next one is after 5 days. You should not do this.

So before starting a YouTube channel, make a proper schedule of uploading your videos. You can select some particular days of a week, such as every Monday and Thursday.

Also, you have to decide beforehand how many videos you will upload in the whole month. And the difference between the days of uploading your videos should be equal.

If you really desire to increase your YouTube subscribers then the more videos you plan to upload, you will have to work hard to upload the same videos every month.

9. Collaborate With Other YouTubers

Collaboration is also an effective method to grow fast in any field. Nowadays, even big brands also collaborate to reach more people.

Yes, it is difficult to collaborate with one who has millions of subscribers. No one will agree to collaborate with you if you are a new YouTuber. Therefore, first you have to gain a good amount of subscribers.

how to make your youtube channel grow

And then you should find one who has the same subscribers or some more than you. Ask for collaboration, if he agrees then it’s great for you.

In that collaboration video you must explain about your channel, such as its purpose, aim or benefits so then you can attract their views.

10. Be Consistent & Patience

Before joining YouTube as a creator, you have to promise yourself that you will work with dedication.

Along with this, it is very necessary to be consistent on YouTube for at least 6 month. Without caring about the number of views and subscribers, just keep uploading your videos regularly with following your schedule.

If you keep checking your growth, after uploading very few videos, you will lose your motivation. YouTube is not a game overnight and not you get success here in 2-3 month.

You need to be patient a lot, in starting days just forget about your growth. Algorithms of YouTube takes time to bring up a new YouTuber.

Consistently doing hard work can make you successful and help you to earn money.

If you follow all these steps surely one day you will get success on YouTube.

So friends, that’s it for today. I hope you guys like our article and also it helps you to solve your problem.

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