How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Gallery (2021)

Do you have a Craze of watching YouTube videos like me? Then how it would be if I tell you proven ways that will answer your question on how to download YouTube videos in mobile gallery?

Yeah! These simple tricks will be adorable for your phone’s gallery.

In this article I had step-by-step explained some proven tricks that will teach you how to get YouTube download videos in the gallery. 

No matter which device you own either an Android device or an expensive iPhone these tricks will help you to download your favourite YouTube videos. 

YouTube is a platform where you find videos of your choice which are informative or only for entertainment purposes and whatever you wish to watch.

Only the thing is it has one restriction that you cannot download a video from YouTube directly into your mobile gallery it’s their policy.


I discovered the safe, simple and proven tricks to download any video in your mobile gallery within 2 minutes.

So let’s get started.

PS: If you have any doubts regarding this article or if can’t download YouTube videos you are free to ask in comment box which is available at the end of this article. We are happy to solve your queries.

Why download YouTube videos in your mobile gallery?

how to download youtube videos in mobile gallery

The simple answer to this question is obviously that you want your favourite video to save for your next WhatsApp status or the movie to watch later and share with your friends.

When you download video from YouTube it will be saved offline inside YouTube downloads so you cannot share it with anyone else.

And that’s why you want to download it in your phone’s gallery.

There are many ways to download YouTube videos in the gallery but only a few of them works for everyone which are included in this article below.

In this article, you will find the right way to do so.

Trick #1: Save YouTube videos to gallery without any app

Yeah! Don’t think it’s an invalid way to download. It’s very simple and safe.

Download using the high authority websites made only for downloading YouTube videos in the gallery.

We have listed below some popular websites that are ranking on Google.






These are 5 proven websites that meant only for downloading YouTube videos without any problem.

Further, we have explained in detail how to use these websites to download videos for your gallery from YouTube according to your device.

Or you can directly go to these websites by clicking on it and download the videos.

Trick #2: Save YouTube offline video in gallery

Who doesn’t use apps nowadays? Apps are made to simplify our work on mobile devices.

And so there are some cool apps in the market to download your favourite videos on YouTube.

Here’s the list of special apps:




4.Airy ( Mac OS )


These are the Top 5 handpicked apps will help you to download YouTube videos in a Gallery.

Few apps work in android and few in iPhone and Mac. These are discussed below in detailed by step-by-step guide.

At the end of this article, you will be able to download YouTube videos in your mobile gallery.

These are 2 proven ways to download YouTube videos in gallery mentioned above.

Now let’s get started with the detailed step-by-step procedure.

How to download YouTube videos in phone gallery?

how to download youtube videos in phone gallery

You can simply download YouTube videos in mobile gallery by using these websites and apps mentioned above. The procedure has further explained.

Now here the main point comes. Above you have seen two tricks how you can download YouTube videos.

As YouTube policies, you can’t download the videos in the mobile gallery so here we explained some right ways to download them.

Below we have given step-by-step instructions to download the videos for every device.

Note: Below we have explained a suitable method to download videos for each device separately. You can choose any method that we have given above in the 2 tricks. (Websites or Apps) 

1. How to download YouTube video on iPhone?

how to download youtube videos on iphone

Do you use an expensive iPhone? And want to download the YouTube video on it?

Most people talk about android phone tricks to do things on it.

But here your search will end ’cause we have put stepwise points below to download YouTube video on your iPhone.

Follow these steps:

1: Download ‘Documents by Readdle’ app from the AppStore in your iPhone.

2. Open the application and find the SAFARI icon on the right bottom corner to launch it swipe to the left by clicking on it.

#3: And then Open the website

#4: Now copy the video URL from any of the service of your choice like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram etc.

#5: Then switch back to documents app and paste the url in the search box by double tapping & choose go.

#6: If you see any advertisement at this step close it then check the preview of the video once you feel OK tap on download.You can check the status by moving to download section

#7: Once the download completed come back to document screen then choose downloads folder (here you will see the video you just downloaded).

#8: Now tap on the 3 dots to see the options available, from the list choose share then tap on save to files > on my iPhone >  choose any folder & then finally tap on add.

#9: Now open the files folder on your iPhone then go to browse tap then open the folder which you have selected while saving the video here you will see the video you just shared.

To save this video to the camera roll follow

#10: Open the video then choose share icon then finally tap on save video
Now come to the camera roll and you will find the video downloaded in iPhone.

So you got your favourite YouTube video in your iPhone.

2. How to download YouTube video on Mac?

how to download youtube videos on mac

Own an Apple MacBook? Don’t worry you can also download YouTube videos in your MacBook.

Just some steps then your video will be in your Mac. Only using one software you can download all your favourite videos in just one click.

Follow these steps:

#1: Go to

#2: Download the software in your Mac for free.

#3: Once the download completed install it on your mac.

#4: After installing open the airy software you will see a box to paste the video link.

#5: Go to YouTube and copy the URL of the video which you want to download.

#6 Then go to the airy and paste it the box then press Download.

Your video will be download in your MacBook. So this way you can save your favorite YouTuber’s videos in your device. Enjoy it.

3. How to download YouTube videos on android?

how to download youtube videos on android

Most of people use android phones nowadays. And there are numerous ways to download YouTube videos on your smartphone. But among them we have explained 2 Suitable methods to download videos.

Method #1: Download YouTube videos using safe websites

To download videos using suitable website follow these 6 steps:

#1: Open the website

#2: Minimize the browser and open the YouTube to copy the video URL by clicking on the share button in the 3 dots below the video.

#3: Then again come to the browser and paste the link in the given box.

#4: After that you will see the 3 options video, mp4 and audio choose one then you will see the quality in which you want to download the video choose it also and click on download.

#5: Now if you see any advertisement tap on back button a pop up window will come then click on download.

#6: Your video is being download. (See in the notification bar)

Your video will be available in your mobile gallery.

Isn’t that simple? Cool now you’re ready to put it on your WhatsApp status.

Method #2: Download using suitable apps

Do you want more simple way to download YouTube videos? Here’s the method to download videos directly from your YouTube app by using some safe apps.

There are lots of such fraud apps in the Play Store that will not be safe for you to download YouTube videos.

Here we have handpicked the safe ones and suitable for your device.

If you’re a guy who want to download videos daily then you cannot open the website every time better you go with the apps.

Our handpicked YouTube downloader apps are already mentioned in the Trick #2, among which we have taken the best YouTube downloader app for android.

To download videos using Snaptube follow these 6 steps:

#1: Go to

#2: When the site opened you will see the download button tap on it and download the snap tube app.

#3: Open the app, once it has been downloaded in your Android mobile.

#4: Then go to YouTube and search for your video.

#5: Play the video and tap on share option there you’ll find snap tube app tap on it.

#6: Select the video or audio quality and press download

Your video will be downloaded. The downloaded YouTube video is now saved in the Snaptube folder of your gallery automatically.

So, these are the simple steps to download YouTube videos using Snaptube app.

how to save youtube video in gallery

Now you have got the answer of how to download YouTube videos in gallery.

Download YouTube videos anytime from your iPhone, Mac and android and enjoy it.

PS: If you you are facing any issue to download YouTube videos in gallery and didn’t understand something then feel free to comment below, we are here to give a satisfactory response.

Give your feedback how much this information was useful for you.

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